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lunes, 8 de febrero de 2016

El Tocadiscos 021: BOWIE

David Robert Jones (8.01.1947 - 10.01.2016)

La mejor forma de recordar a un músico es escuchar su canciones.

02 QUICKSAND. ["Hunky Dory". RCA, 1971]
03 FASCINATION. ["Young Americans". RCA, 1975]
04 ROCK 'N' ROLL WITH ME. ["Diamond Dogs". RCA, 1974]
05 SOUL LOVE. ["Ziggy Stardust". RCA, 1972]
06 SATELLITE OF LOVE. Lou Reed. ["Transformer". RCA, 1972]
07 ALL THE YOUNG DUDES. Mott The Hoople. ["All The Young Dudes". Columbia, 1972]
08 SLOW BURN. ["Heathen". Columbia, 2002]
09 BLACKOUT. ["Heroes". RCA, 1977]
10 CHINA GIRL. Iggy Pop. ["The Idiot". RCA, 1977]
11 TIME. ["Aladdin Sane". RCA, 1973]
12 RED SAILS. ["Lodger". RCA, 1979]
13 STAY. ["Station To Station". RCA, 1976]
14 TEENAGE WILDLIFE. ["Scary Monsters". RCA, 1980]


domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2015

El Tocadiscos 020: Melody Makers

El Pop del siglo XXI está en excelente forma gracias a canciones como las que suenan en esta sesión.
Selección de canciones y guión de Manuel J. Bravo.

01 YOU ARE A TOURIST. Death Cab For Cutie. ["Codes And Keys". Barsuk, 2011]
02 I MIGHT. Wilco. ["The Whole Love". Anti, 2011]
03 ROMULUS. Sufjan Stevens. ["Greetings Fom Michigan". Asthmatic Kitty, 2004]
04 HOW ON EARTH. Ron Sexsmith. ["Retreiver". V2, 2004]
05 CRASH YEARS. The New Pornographers. ["Together". Matador, 2010]
06 SUMMERTIME. Josh Rouse. ["Subtitulo". Bedroom Classics, 2006]
07 THE PAST. Teenage Fanclub. ["Shadows". Pema, 2010]
08 DILLY. Band Of Horses. ["Infinite Arms". Columbia, 2010]
09 I SEE MONSTERS. Ryan Adams. ["Love Is Hell". Lost Highway, 2004]
10 THE WORLD MOVES ON. Jens Lekman. ["I Know What Love Isn't". Service, 2012]
11 NO WAY DOWN. The Shins. ["Port Of Morrow". Columbia, 2012]
12 NUMBERED DAYS. Eels. ["Shootenany!". DreamWorks, 2003]


miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2015

El Tocadiscos 019: Reino Unido en 1969

Un año importante en la historia del Rock en el Reino Unido.

01 COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN. Led Zeppelin. ["Led Zeppelin". Atalntic]
02 ALL SHOCK UP. Jeff Beck Group. ["Beck-Ola". Columbia]
03 BANG! Humble Pie. ["As Safe As Yesterday Is". Immediate]
04 STONED WOMAN. Ten Years After. ["Ssssh". Deram]
05 SONGS OF YESTERDAY. Free. ["Free". Island]
06 A NEW DAY YESTERDAY. Jethro Tull. ["Stand Up". Island]
07 I'M FREE. The Who. ["Tommy". Track]
08 BRAINWASHED. The Kinks. ["Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)". Pye]
09 UNWASHED AND SOMEWHAT SLIGHTLY DAZED. David Bowie. ["David Bowie". Philips]
10 THE END. The Beatles. ["Abbey Road". Apple]
11 GIMME SHELTER. The Rolling Stones. ["Let It Bleed". Decca]
12 EPITAPH. King Crimson. ["In The Court of The Crimson King". Island]


martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

El Tocadiscos 018: Canciones para una tarde de verano

Selección de canciones para disfrutar en una tranquila tarde de verano (o en cualquier otro momento relajado).

01 A HORSE WITH NO NAME. America. ["America". Warner Bros., 1971]
02 RIVER. Terry Reid. ["River". Atlantic, 1973]
03 I'M HER DADDY. Bill Withers. ["Just As I Am". Sussex, 1971]
04 BECAUSE OF YOU. Tim Buckley. ["Sefronia". Discreet, 1973]
05 LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS. Crazy Horse. ["Crazy Horse". Reprise, 1971]
06 AS THE YEARS GO PASSING BY. Al Kooper. ["Naked Songs". Columbia, 1972]
07 WHERE ARE YOU TONIGHT? Bob Dylan. ["Street Legal". Columbia, 1978]
08 TREMBLE (GOES THE NIGHT). The Walkabouts. ["Nighttown". Virgin, 1997]
09 I CAN'T KEEP FROM TALKING. Golden Smog. ["Weird Tales". Rykodisc, 1998]
10 HOW TO FIGHT LONELINESS. Wilco. ["Summerteeth". Reprise, 1999]
11 HOW MANY MILES MUST WE MARCH. Ben Harper. ["Welcome To The Cruel World". Virgin, 1994]
12 BEEN AROUND THE WORLD. Cracker. ["Gentleman's Blues". Virgin, 1998]
13 GOIN' DOWN SLOW. Duane Allman. ["Duane Allman: An Anthology". Capricorn, 1972]


lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

El Tocadiscos 017: Jefferson Airplane

Recuperamos una de las grandes bandas de San Francisco. Jefferson Airplane fueron la vanguardia en los años del esplendor hippie y nos dejaron un legado musical inmenso. Legado que repasamos con una selección de canciones de los cinco primeros discos publicados entre 1966 y 1969 en RCA.


01 BRING ME DOWN (Marty Balin/Paul Kantner)
02 IT'S NOT SECRET (Marty Balyn)
03 LET'S GET TOGETHER (Chet Powers)


04 SOMEBODY TO LOVE (Darby Slick)
05 3/5 OF A MILE IN 10 SECONDS (Marty Balin)
06 WHITE RABBIT (Grace Slick)


08 THE BALLAD OF YOU & ME & POONEIL (Paul Kantner)
09 YOUNG GIRL SUNDAY BLUES (Marty Balin/Paul Kantner)
11 WATCH HER RIDE (Paul Kantner)


12 SHARE A LITTLE JOKE (Marty Balin)
13 TRIAD (David Crosby)
14 IF YOU FEEL (Gary Blackman/Marty Balin)
15 THE HOUSE AT POONEIL CORNER (Marty Balin/Paul Kantner)


16 WE CAN BE TOGETHER (Paul Kantner)
17 GOOD SHEPHERD (Traditional arranged by Jorma Kaukonen)
18 WOODEN SHIPS (David Crosby/Paul Kantner/Stephen Stills)


viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2014

El Tocadiscos 016: Rescate Emocional

Rescate de algunas canciones favoritas que habían caído en el olvido por la abrumadora cantidad de novedades discográficas y reediciones.

01 ROADHOUSE BLUES. The Doors. ["Morrison Hotel". Elektra, 1970]
02 I'M EIGHTEEN. Alice Cooper. ["Love It To Death". Warner Bros., 1970]
03 WORLD IN CHANGES. Dave Mason. ["Alone Together". Blue Thumb, 1970]
04 DARLING I NEED YOU. John Cale. ["Slow Dazzle". Island, 1975]
05 FRONTERA. Phil Manzanera. ["Diamond Head". Island, 1975]
06 NO MATTER WHAT. Badfinger. ["No Dice". Apple, 1971]
07 LETTING GO. Wings. ["Venus And Mars". Capitol, 1975]
08 READY FOR LOVE. Bad Company. ["Bad Co.". Swan Song, 1974]
09 VENUS. Television. ["Marquee Moon". Elektra, 1978]
10 SHE DIDN'T LIE. Garland Jeffreys. ["One-Eyed Jack". A&M, 1978]
11 THIS DEADLY GAME. Steve Wynn. ["Sweetness And Light". Blue Rose, 1997]
12 ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER. Giant Sand. ["Ballad Of A Thin Line Man". Zippo, 1986]
13 THE LAST GOODBYE. Jeff Buckley. ["Grace". Columbia, 1994]


miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

El Tocadiscos 015: Jukebox

Selección de canciones publicadas en la primera mitad de la década de los 70's.

01 BALLROOMS OF MARS. T. Rex. ["The Slider". EMI, 1972]
02 THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD. David Bowie. ["The Man Who Sold The World". Mercury, 1971]
03 IT AIN'T EASY. John Baldry. ["It Ain't Easy". Warner Bros., 1971]
04 HAD ME A REAL GOOD TIME. Faces. ["Long Player". Warner Bros., 1971]
05 COUNTRY COMFORT. Elton John. ["Tumbleweed Connection". DJM, 1970]
06 RUNNING DOWN DEEP. Help Yourself. ["Help Yourself". Liberty, 1971]
07 ALMOST CUT MY HAIR. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. ["Deja Vu". Atlantic, 1970]
08 GLITTERING FACADE. Dave Mason. ["Dave Mason & Cass Elliott". Blue Thumb, 1971]
09 MOON SONG. America. ["Homecoming". Warner Bros., 1972]
10 JUST ABOVE MY HOBBY HORSES' HEAD. Richie Havens. ["Richard P. Havens, 1983". Verve, 1969]
11 SO NATURAL. Jim Sullivan. ["U.F.O.". Monnie, 1969]
12 QUICKSAND. Tim Buckley. ["Sefronia". Discret, 1973]
13 DARLING. Stories. ["About Us". Kama Sutra, 1973]
14 FEEL. Big Star. ["#1 Record". Ardent, 1972]
15 MAKE ME SMILE (Come Up And See Me). Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel. ["The Best Years Of Our Lives". EMI, 1975]